What are Equip Classes?

At Refuge, one of our core values is to ‘Reproduce Disciples who Reproduce Themselves.’ Discipleship takes many forms and shapes. Discipleship happens in community amidst the priesthood of believers, in personal devotion to God through private study and pursuit, through life experience, and also through committed and focused learning; each of these various elements are crucial to holistic discipleship.

At Refuge, our structure aims to encompass a holistic approach to discipleship seeking to produce rounded followers of Jesus who live purposeful lives under the lordship of Christ. While our Neighborhood Groups and DNA Groups serve the communal aspect of discipleship and foster accountability for greater personal devotion to Christ in all of life, our Equip Classes are centered around focused learning and individual growth. Each Equip Class is purposefully built for training and equipping in righteousness and purposeful living for Christ.

Current Equip Classes

101- Discover Refuge 

Discover Refuge is a (1) time class that explains the history, heart, and hope of Refuge LA. For information on how to signup for the next Discover Refuge click the link above. 

201- Rooted

Rooted is a foundational class on Christian life, disciplines, and theology. It is a 10 week class that will empower you to know God more deeply and intimately.  When you come together as a group and study through Rooted, you will gain greater knowledge of God through his word. Rooted will shape you and challenge you theologically as you dive deeply into His word.  We also believe that as you approach God's word together with humility, the Spirit will speak to you, through the truths revealed, in ways that you can grow in your faith and live with purpose.  For information on how to signup for the next Rooted click the link above.