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Have you ever questioned the brokenness in the world? People are hurting all around us. Suffering affects everyone at some point in their life. You may be suffering right now. There is a longing we all have that nothing satisfies. At some point, you realize that you are longing for something that you have never seen. What is this longing? You are longing for the Kingdom of God!
God created you for relationship with him.

Pain was not part of God’s plan in creating the world. God created humanity to experience him and enjoy healthy relationships with one another (Genesis 1:26; Ephesians 2:11-22). God created us to enjoy the beauty of creation and share in its blessings. He created us in his own image with dignity and value. Humans have the ability to love, create, steward, and share responsibility (Genesis 2:15). God created humans for relationship with him. Isn’t it amazing that God desires you?

In love, he gave us the ability to choose whether we would take part in this relationship. Of all creation, God gave us this unique attribute. But, our ability to choose a relationship with God required the ability to reject him also. As history reveals, humanity chose to reject God (Genesis 3).

Humans rejected God and it destroyed us.

God created the world in such a way that humanity would never be able to deny him (Romans 1:18-23). Everything has order. Nothing is without purpose. Creation is interdependent. The interdependence and order of creation speaks to our pain. It is only obvious, if everything has order, so do we. But, humans have the unique ability to step outside of that order. As with anything, an interruption in the order is a disorder. We are hurting because we stepped outside of God’s order . We have deviated from the plan of God. This is what the Bible teaches as sin.

Like any disorder, sin disrupts the harmony of life (James 1:13-17). Imagine a car trying to run with a broken piston or an offbeat drummer in an orchestra. Where there is disruption there is chaos. There is disruption in the order of humanity and its chaotic. Poverty and oppression plague the world. Relationships fall apart and people aren’t generally satisfied. Murder and every other evil are manifestations of this disorder. Humans are the cause of human pain. We have also destroyed our planet (Romans 8:20-21). Jesus is the solution to our disorder.

God has stepped into our disorder to make it right.

No disorder can fix itself and God is fair and righteous. He requires every person to pay for the damage they have caused (Romans 6:23). The disorder in humanity is the cause of death and suffering. Every sin contributes to suffering and every human has sinned. Thus, every human owes their life as an equal payment for their sin. But, God offered a way to escape this penalty. God is merciful and offered to forgive our debt by sacrificing his own son (John 3:16). But why would God do this and why did Jesus have to die?

Remember, sin is a deviation from the created order. We deviated by turning away from God by declaring that we were better at managing our lives than him. We wanted to run our own lives. Isn’t this the what causes our pain? Is it not selfishness, individualism, and greed? If we are to experience redemption, we must submit to the original order. We call this repentance (Luke 5:31-32). Repentance menas that you turn away from your sin and turn towards God. You must declare once and for all that only God is enough. Trusting in Jesus for salvation is the only way we are able to declare that humans bring nothing to the table (Ephesians 2:8-9). This is faith.

Jesus makes us right by sacrificing himself.

Jesus is the eternal son of God1. This means that Jesus has lived forever with God the Father (Hebrews 13:8; John 8:58). When Jesus saw that humans would turn away from God, he saw the destruction it would cause. He also understood that humans would suffer the consequences of our actions. He knew that God’s justice required a life for a life. Because God is merciful, Jesus decided to become a human and pay the penalty for us (Ephesians 1:4).

Jesus came as a man and lived a perfect life. He did so by the Spirit of God. Many believe that he came to be an example. But, he didn’t become a human to give us an example. He came as a human so that he could die. His perfect life qualified him to act as a perfect payment for sin. He was the perfect human standing in the place of imperfect humans. His death paid the debt of sin (Romans 5:12-18). But, Jesus did not only come to pay for our sin. Sin holds a power over our lives. Have you ever tried to stop doing something you know is wrong? Don’t you fail to meet your own standards and struggle to keep your promises? There is resistance and it is the power of sin.

In his resurrection, Jesus defeated the power that sin is able to have over us (1 Corinthians 15:50-58). He defeated death. He then went back to God on our behalf. The Bible says that the blood of Jesus covers us. His perfect life makes us perfect (Romans 8:34). He substituted his life for our life. Now that we are free of sin, we can enter back into a relationship with God. The Bible says that God is holy. This means that God cannot stand to be in the presence of sin. Without Christ, we offended God and he could not be in our presence (Hebrews 12:14). Now, we have access to the God who created us and can experience his goodness. We can also experience the same power that raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11). This means that we don’t have to keep on destroying. Resistance doesn’t have to define us any longer.

Jesus is making all things new.

To experience Jesus, you must call upon his name and ask for forgiveness (Romans 10:9). In doing so, the Father will accept his sacrifice and no longer require yours. There is nothing you have done that God will not forgive. All you must do is turn to Jesus. In summary, we walk away free and step into the life that Jesus earned. This is grace. This will change your life. God’s mercy and love will transform your heart. The Cross of Jesus is a protest against the world that wants to earn our own way and live without God. It declares that humans cannot appease God by effort. We must rely on him completely and offer ourselves to him.

Redemption is not the only hope and joy of the Gospel. Jesus is healing broken individuals and restoring the world to its intended purpose (Acts 3:21). God promises that he will indwell us with his Spirit and empower us to follow him. This means that you can heal and thrive in Jesus. This means that you can live according to God’s purposes now. One day, in His perfect timing, he will return and make right every wrong. He’ll do away with sin and death and corruption will not always plague the world (Revelation 21:1-5). Christians will resurrect to God’s Kingdom in the New Heavens and New Earth. In this Kingdom, sin and death will no longer rule. Those who reject God will resurrect to eternal separation from him. They will suffer the righteous penalty of their sin and will live without God in Hell forever. This is the penalty for those who reject God, refuse to accept him, and choose to continue in sin (Revelation 21:8; Matthew 10:8).

God calls Christians to take part in changing the world.

Christian get to partake in the fulfillment of God’s Kingdom. God invites us to join him in leading the world to him (Ephesians 2:10). We have a role to play in changing the world. God has uniquely equipped you to end poverty, correct oppression, and heal the world. Isn’t it amazing that God would use you to change the eternal trajectory of someones life? You matter to God! It is the Christian responsibility and privilege to honor God in the entirety of life. When following Jesus, you no longer have to guard your own interests. You don’t have to be a slave to your personal plan and expectations. You get to release yourself to the care of God as you enact his plan in the world. This is deeply satisfying.

Sin no more! Repent! Go and live for Jesus!

In conclusion, the Gospel is the plan of God to make all things new in Christ. Are you suffering and tired of carrying the heavy burden of your personal worth and identity? Turn to Jesus! Are you ashamed of your hidden sins and exhausted from your failed attempts to change? Turn to Jesus!

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The Bible teaches that every time people call upon the name of the Lord it’s because God pursued them first. This is a remarkable statement. Basically, God loves you so much that he came after you. The Lord hears and sees you. You don’t have to question whether or not you are here by accident or coincidence – he brought you to this place.

Following Jesus begins with responding to God. It delights the Lord to answer the prayers of his children. This may be your first time praying. Don’t worry about what you will say or how you will sound. More importantly, make sure you are authentic and honest. We’ve detailed some things to cover below:

1.) Go to a place where you are alone and free of distractions. Don’t worry about your eyes. If it’s helpful, you can close them; if not, you can keep them open. Either way, God is present and he is listening.

2.) Speak audibly to God. He is a real person who is present and listening. You’re not speaking to an imaginary being.

3.) Think of how powerful God must be to have created the world. Consider how loving he is to offer forgiveness to you. Confessing this out loud helps position your heart towards humility. We don’t have the same power as God.

4.) Say exactly what you are feeling in this time. Confess your sins to God and ask him for forgiveness. Confess your humanity and ask Jesus to give you his righteousness and reconcile you to the Father. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you be honest and transparent.

5.) Thank God for his forgiveness and ask the Holy Spirit to help you live a godly life.

Stop reading this now and go pray. Come back to this document once you have spent some time with God.

Prayer will be a regular part of following Jesus. It is important that you develop a robust prayer life. Next, you will need to be baptized, meet with a more mature believe who can mentor (disciple) you, and join a local church where you can live out your new faith.


Following Jesus is not a one-time decision, but a lifelong journey. No matter how long you’ve been a Christian, we all have a next step in our walk with Jesus.

If you asked Jesus into your life, but have yet to be baptized, baptism is your next step!

1. Baptism is about going public.

Like wearing a jersey to a football game, baptism is our opportunity to identify with a person and a team. When we take our next step in baptism, we’re letting the world know we belong to Jesus and we’re on His team.

There is no such thing as a private faith. Jesus died publicly for us, and baptism is our opportunity to go public for Him.

2. Baptism is about being obedient.

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). The first thing Jesus tells us to do after salvation is baptism.

We can’t say we’ll do anything for God if we won’t do the first thing. If you have not been baptized since asking Jesus into your life, baptism is your next step.

3. Baptism comes after salvation.

In the first recorded sermon in the early church, Peter preached to a crowd of thousands. About 3,000 people were saved, and the first thing Peter told them to do after salvation was get baptized (Acts 2:38). The pattern continues through the rest of the early church. Baptism is a public proclamation of the spiritual transformation that occurs when we commit to following Jesus.

Following Jesus is not a one-time decision, but a lifelong journey. No matter how long you’ve been a Christian, we all have a next step in our walk with Jesus.

If you asked Jesus into your life, but have yet to be baptized, baptism is your next step! If you would like to be baptized fill out this form

Following Jesus is a daily decision to pursue Christ and his plan for your life. You will need to do this alongside other brothers and sisters. It is also important that you acquire a Bible and begin to study it alone and with others. The Bible is God’s clear revelation of his nature, character, and plan for your life.

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