God Listens

God created everything we see and feel. Creation displays God’s beauty, and every day, God graciously provides for us through his creation. However, as amazing as the creation is, God greatest gift for humanity is Himself.

Ever since the beginning of creation, God desired unhindered communication with humanity–with each one of us. His love for us is unceasing, his concern for us is unmatched, and He deeply cares for all our struggles, pains, and sorrows. Though our relationship with God was once severed by sin, He communicated his love for us through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. If God didn’t spare his own Son, you can be confident that he will not hold back his love from you when you seek him in prayer.

He promises to hear you and respond to your prayers, if you seek Him and pray whole-heartedly. God promises, “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” 

When you pray–God Listens! One of the greatest ways that God answers our prayers is through His people. At Refuge, we’re a church that lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus–we’d love to be an answer to your prayer.