Partnering together for the Gospel.

Membership & Serving

The Church

Since the beginning, God has been calling forth His people to display His glory in a huge story of redemption and reconciliation. Creation now suffers the four-fold loss of peace (shalom) internally, relationally, with creation, and with God. The gospel is the means by which the world is being made right. The gospel carries with it the promise of an ultimate renewal even more glorious than the Garden of Eden. This is why believers can’t wait for Jesus to return. Those of us who trust in and follow Jesus are caught up in this story, which is much larger than ourselves. We have graciously been invited to participate with God as the means by which God is fulfilling His purposes in the world (2 Corinthians 5:17-20): the redemption, reconciliation and renewal of the world. Membership at a local church is a key way that we participate.

What is Membership?

Membership is not about privilege, being an insider, or attending church meetings. It is about covenanting with others in the church as a community of faith to do God’s mission. Partnership allows us to grow in our understanding of the Gospel as we relate to one another. We partner to mutually care for one another and display the love of Christ in our city. In short, when we become covenant members, each covenant member says to the other, “We are with you, and we are for you.”
By becoming a member at Refuge LA you are committing to be part of our spiritual family.

Membership Class

Our Membership Class is 6-weeks and occurs 3 times during the year. This class will discuss theology, the church, and Christian living. You will learn the distinctives of Refuge LA and what it means to follow Jesus together in the local church. To attend the next Membership Class, signup by clicking the link below.

Becoming a Member

Membership Class

Serving at Refuge

In order for a church to effectively reach the world and serve its members it takes a collective effort. Every volunteer matters. The mission of God is accomplished by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the people of God. Serving gives you the opportunity to work alongside God as he changes lives. Serving is a part of discipleship.
There is always a place for you to serve at Refuge. If you would like to do so, please submit the form below.

I want to serve!