Neighborhood Groups

"Neighborhood Groups are the space where strangers become family and lives are transformed."

What they are:

The ‘dining room table’ (or whatever expression and form this may take), is a galvanizing space that often acts as the glue that holds a family together, the symbol of welcome and acceptance in a friendship, and the staple of safety and stability in a home. At the dining room table, families share intimate moments, have deep conversations, pray, laugh, cry, grow, and invite their closest friends to share a meal with them. Strangers become family, decisions are made, conflicts are resolved, and life happens; all at the ‘dining room table’. If we were to use a metaphor to describe Neighborhood Groups at Refuge, it would be the ‘dining room table’.

What to expect:

We know that joining any new group at a church can be uncomfortable; here is what you can expect at any of our Neighborhood Groups:

  • Eat-Every Neighborhood Group begins with a Potluck meal. Make sure you bring something to contribute to the feast.
  • Fellowship-The strength of our Neighborhood Groups lies in the Relationships that are built amidst them. Building these relationships is one of the primary reasons we gather together. For this reason, we place a high emphasis on fellowship at our NG's.
  • Study- Our studies help us grow "together" and give us greater understanding for the relationships that we have with God and with one another. We learn how to better "Love God" and "Love the City" from what we learn about God through his word.
  • Celebrate-As Christians, we have more to celebrate than anyone on the planet. Because of that, we will celebrate regularly.

Current Neighborhood Groups:

We would love for you to join one of our Neighborhood Groups. Below is a list of the Neighborhood Groups we currently offer. Click the image below to join a group.


170 NG

  • Email Leader:
  • Time of Week: Bi-Weekly on Saturday Mornings 
  • Time: 10am
  • Location: Valley Village Park, North Hollywood
  • Details: This is a great NG for families. (Singles are Welcome)


Roscoe Blvd NG

  • Email Leader:
  • Night of Week: Thursday
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Roscoe/Laurel Cyn., North Hollywood
  • Details: This is a great NG for young adults and singles (Families are Welcome)